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Apart from the other legal work we do and of which you can find more information on this website, we specialise in matters relating to claims against the Road Accident Fund. If you are injured in a road accident where a motor vehicle is involved, we can assist you in your claim also commonly known as a third party claim. We will assess the circumstances surrounding your accident and we can advise if you have a claim in law.

We represent victims of road accidents in their claims against the Road Accident Fund by claiming on your behalf and our services includes lodgement of your claim, issuing of summons and litigation in the relevant court of law. We also arrange for appointments with doctors and other experts relevant to your circumstances and injuries sustained in order to quantify your claim. This also includes traveling to and from the appointments with these doctors and other experts.

We are also able to claim any amounts on behalf of your medical aid (if applicable) that was paid by the Medical Aid for your treatment received for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.


A person injured, or an entity supplying medical services to a patient in a motor vehicle accident, for example an ambulance service, doctor or a hospital, can claim in principle for the services they have rendered to such a patient. We claim on behalf of such suppliers (medical experts) against the Road Accident Fund for compensation in respect of the services that they have rendered.

Our services also include lodgement of the claim, issuing of summons and litigation in the relevant court of law, depending on the need. We also represent medical aid schemes and private hospitals in recovering expenses which they have incurred as a result of the rendering of services to road accident patients.


We do drafting of wills and we also act as executors of estates. We assist executors in executing their duties through a dedicated team of experts by handling the administration of the estate from the lodging of the estate and appointment of the executor at the relevant Office of the Master of the High Court and placing of advertisements, up until drafting of the final liquidation and distribution account and by finalising the estate.

When confronted with sequestration and insolvency we are also able to assist in the bringing of the necessary applications to the High Court on your behalf. If a trust is considered or needed we can advise and do the drafting of the Trust Deed and facilitate the process with Master of the High Court.


This branch of the law deals with the status of persons and includes the relationship between husband and wife and also the relationship between parent and child. The central focus here is marriage, or formal, or informal unions/partnerships and the formation, consequences and termination thereof. In respect of the formation of the marriage we can assist in the arrangement to conclude an ante-nuptial or notarial contract between you and your prospective spouse/partner.

Where the consequences of marriage are concerned, we can assist in advising, as well as assisting in the process and application to change the marital system, for example from a marriage in community of property, to a marriage out of community of property, with or without inclusion of accrual. We are also able to assist and represent you in any matter relating to divorce and children involved in a divorce action, if termination of such a relationship is the only option left.

We can also assist with curator ad litem applications on behalf of minor children, for example where both the parents and natural guardians are deceased, as well as elderly persons who are no longer able to take care of their own finances or their own person.


When you have a problem with a tenant and need assistance to obtain an order for eviction, contractual issues with your plumber or want to claim for damages to your property, to name but a few scenario’s, we also represent parties in general civil litigation in respect of other legal issues not specifically contained under the other headings on this website.

We are able so assess the matter and advise in which forum litigation should proceed, be it the Magistrate Court, Regional Court or High Court and also in which jurisdiction of any of the said courts.


We are able to draft franchise agreements and general agreements / contracts. We also represent parties in commercial litigation with involvement of business and trade, be it natural persons, companies, partnerships, or any other party in need of representation in commercial litigation. We can advise business owners of legal requirements pertaining to business and how to be compliant to legislation regulating business for example the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.


The selling of real estate involves transportation thereof in the records of the Office of the Registrar of Deeds from the name of the seller into the name of the new owner. This is also a service we provide to parties in need of conveyancing. If you need to do a search of the records of the Registrar of Deeds we are able to assist with such queries.


We are able to assist in the drafting of inter alia policies and/or disciplinary codes and to advise employer or employee as to their respective rights and obligations. Assistance in mediation and arbitration as well as eventual court proceedings if such route is the only option available as a last resort, can also be provided.

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